Steady procession

Jesse Moore joined what was then called the Post Office Department on Nov. 20, 1962.

He had just left the U.S. Air Force, where he says he spent a lot of time on kitchen patrol and mess hall duty.

In comparison, “Postal work was an easy choice,” said Moore, a mail processing clerk.

During his 60-year postal career, mail processing has certainly changed. But according to Moore, “It’s no big deal: Just roll with the punches and don’t let it bother you.”

During a recent ceremony at the South Jersey Processing and Distribution Center, Moore received an engraved clock, a model of a vintage USPS 1971 delivery Jeep, an organizational cap, a T-shirt and a VIP parking spot.

Said Moore: “I’m proud to work for USPS because I’ve received many awards for my services, and it makes me feel very much appreciated and respected.”