Armando Lozano Jr. and Eulogio Soto Jr., Orlando, FL

Man in business suit presents certificate to two postal workers as fourth man watches

Customer Services Manager Armando Lozano Jr. and Carrier Technician Eulogio Soto Jr. were on the job recently in Orlando, FL, when a letter carrier experienced a medical crisis.

Although their colleague wanted to continue working, Lozano and Soto, who also serves as a safety captain, recognized that his symptoms — including a nosebleed and disorientation — could indicate a heart attack or stroke.

Lozano and Soto rendered first aid while 911 was called, and they assured the ill man that taking an ambulance to a hospital was the best thing to do.

The emergency room attending physician later told the letter carrier that Lozano and Soto’s intervention was life-saving, with only 30 minutes to spare before a dire outcome.


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