Heather Trimble, Winfield, IA

Winfield, IA, Postmaster Heather Trimble and Mount Pleasant, IA, Rural Carrier Associate David Snavely

Winfield, IA, Postmaster Heather Trimble was working at a nearby Post Office recently when a rural carrier associate suddenly became ill.

The carrier, David Snavely, told Trimble he was having chest pains, then passed out. She called 911 and stayed with him until paramedics arrived, performed an electrocardiogram and determined Snavely was having a heart attack.

After a two-day hospital stay, Snavely was released.

During his hospitalization, other employees in the office made sure customers on Snavely’s route were served in a timely manner.

Snavely credits Trimble with saving his life.

“An angel was looking out for me that day,” he said.

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