Jacquelin Slavin, Hebron, IL

Hebron, IL, Rural Carrier Jacquelin Slavin

A customer in Chicago relies on the Postal Service to stay connected with his mother 75 miles away in the village of Hebron, IL, and to ensure that someone checks on her in person regularly.

The man ships parcels with Signature Confirmation to the frail woman weekly. When Rural Carrier Jacquelin Slavin had a delivery for her recently and no one answered the front door, she knew that was a sign of trouble.

Slavin checked the back door and heard the woman calling out for help. The customer directed the postal employee to a hidden key, and Slavin soon discovered the woman on the floor.

After calling 911, Slavin helped her into bed, gave her water to drink and called her son while waiting for emergency responders to arrive.

“Jackie is a wonderful carrier. The Postal Service is blessed to have an individual who is that compassionate,” Hebron Postmaster Jim Johnson said.

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