Kenneth Arnold, Searcy, AR

Man in glasses in retail uniform

A Postal Service employee recently drew on his Marine Corps combat first aid training to save the life of a customer injured in a devastating accident.

Retail Associate Kenneth Arnold was working at the Searcy, AR, Post Office when a car driven by an 87-year-old woman crashed into the building, striking a 47-year-old man and severing his leg as he approached the front door.

According to The Daily Citizen newspaper, the driver apparently hit the gas pedal instead of the brake while navigating the parking lot.

Arnold and other bystanders — including a nurse who happened to be in the lobby at the time — rendered first aid, with the former Marine taking the initiative to apply a tourniquet.

“Emergency responders said he would have bled out otherwise, and they were amazed at the small amount of blood loss,” said Searcy Postmaster Matt Hamilton.

“The victim remained alert and was able to call family members, telling them he loved them and was preparing for the worst. But due to Kenneth’s heroics, he lived to tell them in person.”

The Post Office resumed normal operations the next day.

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