Gwendolyn Harvey and Alice Parks, Washington, DC

USPS Headquarters Maintenance Supervisor Gwendolyn Harvey and Purchasing and Supply Management Training Coordinator Alice Parks visit Maintenance Operations Manager Derrick Coleman in the hospital.

Co-workers knew something was wrong when Derrick Coleman, a maintenance operations manager at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC, didn’t report to work for several days.

When Coleman’s co-workers were unable to reach him by phone, Maintenance Supervisor Gwendolyn Harvey stopped by his home after work to check on him. She brought Purchasing and Supply Management Training Coordinator Alice Parks with her.

Harvey and Parks noticed Coleman’s mailbox was overflowing and his lawn hadn’t been mowed.

When neighbors told the women they hadn’t seen Coleman in a few days and his car hadn’t been moved, Harvey called police, who entered the home and discovered Coleman needed immediate medical attention.

Coleman was treated in a hospital, where Harvey and Parks visited him.

Coleman also participated in the recent dedication of two displays at headquarters that showcase the heroic actions of Postal Service employees.

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